tax avoidance

26 Apr, 2013

Widower Joan Woolard applauded after telling execs: 'I don't understand how you sleep at night'

15 Apr, 2013

'The places you can hide are getting smaller and smaller', Chancellor warns

22 Feb, 2013

Hairdresser and wine retailer on first lift of tax defaulters – but where are the big boys?

19 Feb, 2013

Firms are 'running rings around' the taxman in schemes costing UK £5bn a year

01 Feb, 2013

UK high street names escape paying up to £1bn in tax by offshore schemes, claims investigation

28 Jan, 2013

Ernst & Young partner tells Cameron it's a company's duty to investors to pay the lowest tax possible

27 Jan, 2013

Lattes at dawn: coffee multinational says it may spike £100m investment after PM slams tax avoidance

25 Jan, 2013

Executives say the PM's pledge to get 'cowboy firms' to pay more tax will hurt economic recovery

13 Dec, 2012

Eric Schmidt says despite criticism from MPs he has no intention of paying anymore tax

Margaret Hodge
07 Dec, 2012

Tax consultant admits to seeking out loopholes to help his wealthy clients avoid tax