tax evasion

03 Aug, 2015

Overpayments are often the result of errors on the part of the Government rather than criminal intent

A woman talks on the phone near a branch of HSBC bank
17 Mar, 2015

Move comes as HSBC battles tax allegations in Switzerland and a perception that offshore accounts are being abused

09 Jul, 2013

The 'neo-soul' star who sold millions of records and won a Grammy Award starts a jail term for tax evasion

26 Jun, 2013

Chancellor takes axe to government departments and welfare but promises more roads and houses

20 Jun, 2013

Experts say they're unlikely to serve time, but huge fines threaten one of fashion's biggest names

19 Jun, 2013

'The Three Ts' – tax, trade and transparency – were at the top of the UK's agenda for its presidency of the G8

Tax for cash-in-hand
14 Jun, 2013

Offshore jurisdictions are fighting accusations of facilitating tax evasion and avoidance

10 May, 2013

Super-rich warned 'if you evade tax, we're coming after you' after data exposed by spy agencies

04 Jan, 2013

Oldest bank in Switzerland ceases operations after paying $57.8m in restitution and fines

13 Nov, 2012

Google and Starbucks also grilled over low tax payments, but Amazon is ordered to send a more knowledgeable exec