tax evasion

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09 Feb, 2015

HSBC's Swiss bank revelations likely to amplify calls for crackdown on tax evasion and offshore havens

A woman talks on the phone near a branch of HSBC bank
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17 Mar, 2015

Move comes as HSBC battles tax allegations in Switzerland and a perception that offshore accounts are being abused

09 Jul, 2013

The 'neo-soul' star who sold millions of records and won a Grammy Award starts a jail term for tax evasion

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26 Jun, 2013

Chancellor takes axe to government departments and welfare but promises more roads and houses

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20 Jun, 2013

Experts say they're unlikely to serve time, but huge fines threaten one of fashion's biggest names

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19 Jun, 2013

'The Three Ts' – tax, trade and transparency – were at the top of the UK's agenda for its presidency of the G8

Tax for cash-in-hand
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14 Jun, 2013

Offshore jurisdictions are fighting accusations of facilitating tax evasion and avoidance

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10 May, 2013

Super-rich warned 'if you evade tax, we're coming after you' after data exposed by spy agencies

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04 Jan, 2013

Oldest bank in Switzerland ceases operations after paying $57.8m in restitution and fines

13 Nov, 2012

Google and Starbucks also grilled over low tax payments, but Amazon is ordered to send a more knowledgeable exec