Tel Aviv

31 Jul, 2014

'Our problem is not with the Jews,' said the Palestinian refugee, 'but with the Israeli government and army'

Israeli military planes fly over flags
23 Jul, 2014

US and European airlines cancel flights to Tel Aviv after rocket lands one mile from Ben Gurion airport

Palestinians carry the body of a woman killed in an Israeli air strike
11 Jul, 2014

Russia, France and the US call for ceasefire as death toll in Gaza reaches 80

SkyTran hover cars
25 Jun, 2014

Israel's hover-car network will move 12,000 people per hour, equal to a three-lane highway

29 Jan, 2013

Business travellers and reserved seating boost figures for low-budget Irish airline

03 Dec, 2012

Paris and London are preparing to take 'real action' over Israel's plan to build in sensitive 'E1' area

Crispin Black
27 Nov, 2012

The theory that Mossad killed the late Palestinian leader is popular – but it doesn't make any sense

26 Nov, 2012

Netanyahu's defence minister wants more time with his family – or does he have another agenda?

Israeli Shakespeare at the Globe
29 May, 2012

Israeli national theatre company was invited to London Globe as part of Shakespeare festival