04 Apr, 2013

Former Sun editor unveiled as new online columnist... and heaps praise on Murdoch

27 Mar, 2013

Free online journalism is 'untenable' say newspapers as they plan to charge web readers

26 Mar, 2013

The disappointing PM: Daily Telegraph slams Cameron's 'erratic judgment' and 'casual insensitivity' to Tory MPs

Mary Beard
24 Jan, 2013

Mary Beard scandal suggests Britain’s attitude to successful women is ‘broken’

02 Jan, 2013

He says he supports girls' education – yet he had acid thrown at female students who dressed immodestly

13 Dec, 2012

Number Ten denies the Culture Secretary's part in implementing Leveson was used to threaten paper

30 Nov, 2012

Ex-editor denounces misguided missile, while one investigative reporter says there's nothing to fear

06 Nov, 2012

Meanwhile X himself tells Telegraph the sex abuse allegations are 'totally without any grounds'