David Cameron to fast-track counter-terrorism laws

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Wed 13 May, AT 09:09

New legislation will crack down on individual extremists trying to radicalise young people

Texas shooting: gunman was under FBI surveillance

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Tue 5 May, AT 10:19

Elton Simpson had been on a terror watch list before his attack on Prophet Mohammed cartoon exhibition

Armed policeman

MI5 admits it cannot protect UK from every terror attack

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Fri 9 Jan, AT 09:28

Days after Charlie Hebdo attack, MI5 chief gives stark assessment of terrorism threat in the UK

Nantes van attack

French president urges calm after third attack in three days

Tue 23 Dec, AT 10:52

11 people were injured last night when a driver rammed his van into a Christmas market in Nantes

Canada shooting: soldier killed in 'ongoing' incident

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Wed 22 Oct, AT 20:26

Police kill one gunman after soldier shot dead outside Canadian parliament building in Ottawa

Armed police at Westminster

IS 'plot to attack UK foiled': how serious is the threat?

Wed 8 Oct, AT 10:54

Four men arrested amid fears of British jihadists returning from Syria to launch attacks on UK soil

An Australian terror suspect

Australian police foil Islamic State 'beheading plot'

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Thu 18 Sep, AT 10:53

Dawn raids lead to 15 arrests after police receive information about 'public beheadings' in Sydney

Understanding Hamas: part terrorism, part good works

Fri 25 Jul, AT 12:29
Venetia Rainey

Three things you should know before writing off Hamas as just a violent terrorist organisation

Crispin Black

Rifkind’s terror warning makes me angry not fearful

Tue 8 Jul, AT 09:15
Crispin Black

It is the state’s job to protect us from Islamist terror – not to pass the buck to the public

Abu Qatada

Abu Qatada found not guilty of terrorism conspiracy charges

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Thu 26 Jun, AT 10:22

After decade-long extradition battle, charges quashed in Jordan due to lack of sufficient evidence