Schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram
One-Minute Read
30 Jun, 2015

Survivors say some of the Chibok girls have been brainwashed into fighting for the Nigerian Islamist group

One-Minute Read
29 Jun, 2015

From the Welshman who took a bullet for his fiancé to the Muslim hotel staff who formed a human shield

Seifeddine Rezgui
One-Minute Read
01 Jul, 2015

How the 23-year old university student went from a breakdancing football fan to a mass murderer

One-Minute Read
13 May, 2015

New legislation will crack down on individual extremists trying to radicalise young people

One-Minute Read
05 May, 2015

Elton Simpson had been on a terror watch list before his attack on Prophet Mohammed cartoon exhibition

Armed policeman
One-Minute Read
09 Jan, 2015

Days after Charlie Hebdo attack, MI5 chief gives stark assessment of terrorism threat in the UK

Nantes van attack
In Depth
23 Dec, 2014

11 people were injured last night when a driver rammed his van into a Christmas market in Nantes

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22 Oct, 2014

Police kill one gunman after soldier shot dead outside Canadian parliament building in Ottawa

Armed police at Westminster
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08 Oct, 2014

Four men arrested amid fears of British jihadists returning from Syria to launch attacks on UK soil

An Australian terror suspect
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18 Sep, 2014

Dawn raids lead to 15 arrests after police receive information about 'public beheadings' in Sydney