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Charles Laurence

Scott Panetti is insane: will Gov Perry dare spare him?

Tue 2 Dec, AT 10:53
Charles Laurence

Rick Perry would risk looking a wimp just when he needs Republicans to back him for the White House

Health workers

Ebola response: who has donated the most?

Fri 17 Oct, AT 12:43

The UN launches an emergency appeal for funds as China is criticised for its failure to contribute

Farmer stung to death by giant swarm of 40,000 'killer bees'

One-Minute Read
Mon 3 Jun, AT 13:45

Every inch of Larry Goodwin's body stung by highly aggressive insects who also attacked rescuers

Texas fertiliser blast leaves up to 15 dead - video

Thu 18 Apr, AT 08:17

'It was like a nuclear bomb', says Mayor of West, after explosion rips through small farming town

Larry Hagman as JR Ewing in Dallas

Larry Hagman dies at 81 - but Dallas lives on

First Reaction
Sun 25 Nov, AT 11:08

Show will continue after demise of actor who played JR Ewing in 357 episodes

Two dead in ‘catastrophic’ Texas Thanksgiving pile-up - video

Fri 23 Nov, AT 08:24

More than 150 vehicles were involved in a series of collisions in dense fog on Thanksgiving morning

Oil spill

US Justice Department throws down gauntlet to ‘reckless’ BP

First Post
Wed 5 Sep, AT 07:19

DoJ lawyers launch ‘gross negligence’ case with ‘ferocious’ filing; we’ll see you in court, say BP

Wind farms can cause local climate change

One-Minute Read
Mon 30 Apr, AT 16:15

An increase in wind turbines in Texas has caused a rise in local temperatures, researchers have found

Captain Clayton Osbon

Passengers tackle 'crazy' pilot yelling about bombs and Iraq

Wed 28 Mar, AT 13:09

'Say your prayers... We're all going down!' screams captain to terrified travellers on JetBlue flight