Oil spill
05 Sep, 2012

DoJ lawyers launch ‘gross negligence’ case with ‘ferocious’ filing; we’ll see you in court, say BP

30 Apr, 2012

An increase in wind turbines in Texas has caused a rise in local temperatures, researchers have found

Captain Clayton Osbon
28 Mar, 2012

'Say your prayers... We're all going down!' screams captain to terrified travellers on JetBlue flight

Garry Trudeau
12 Mar, 2012

Garry Trudeau's cartoon is suspended or moved from comic section for satirising Texan rules

Allen Stanford
07 Mar, 2012

Billionaire's fall from grace ends at a court in Texas where he now faces a long jail sentence

Chris Tappin
27 Feb, 2012

Chris Tappin's case is piling pressure on the government to revise UK extradition treaties

10 Jan, 2012

Last week a teenager was shot dead by officers after he produced an airgun

Duane Buck Texas death row
15 Sep, 2011

Buck’s colour made him more likely to kill again said Dr Quijano, just another ‘expert witness’

Rick Perry
08 Jul, 2011

Humberto Leal Garcia is latest to be executed in Texas during the reign of Republican favourite