Wind farms can cause local climate change

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Mon 30 Apr, AT 16:15

An increase in wind turbines in Texas has caused a rise in local temperatures, researchers have found

Captain Clayton Osbon

Passengers tackle 'crazy' pilot yelling about bombs and Iraq

Wed 28 Mar, AT 13:09

'Say your prayers... We're all going down!' screams captain to terrified travellers on JetBlue flight

Garry Trudeau

Doonesbury cartoon dropped for tackling Texas abortion law

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Mon 12 Mar, AT 13:37

Garry Trudeau's cartoon is suspended or moved from comic section for satirising Texan rules

Allen Stanford

Texan cricket impresario Allen Stanford convicted of $7m fraud

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Wed 7 Mar, AT 10:39

Billionaire's fall from grace ends at a court in Texas where he now faces a long jail sentence

Chris Tappin

Extradited businessman Tappin to appear in US court today

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Mon 27 Feb, AT 10:33

Chris Tappin's case is piling pressure on the government to revise UK extradition treaties

Why armed police patrol Texas schools, arresting pupils

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Tue 10 Jan, AT 14:16

Last week a teenager was shot dead by officers after he produced an airgun

Duane Buck Texas death row

Duane Buck, Rick Perry and the politics of death

Thu 15 Sep, AT 09:47
Alexander Cockburn

Buck’s colour made him more likely to kill again said Dr Quijano, just another ‘expert witness’

Rick Perry

Perry defies Obama to execute Mexican

Fri 8 Jul, AT 13:46

Humberto Leal Garcia is latest to be executed in Texas during the reign of Republican favourite