Theresa May

Theresa May at the Conservative party conference
30 Sep, 2014

Theresa May announces 'terrorist Asbos' as Labour and the Conservatives rally their partly loyalists

The Mole
15 Sep, 2014

As ‘Devo max’ offer opens a can of worms, Tory MPs could hit Cameron with ‘no confidence’ vote

The Mole
22 Aug, 2014

House arrest measures needed, says Carlile, and Clegg 'was wrong to block snooper's charter'

Police officers respond to an incident of domestic abuse
20 Aug, 2014

Government to launch consultation on strengthening the law to protect victims of psychological abuse

Don Brind
12 Aug, 2014

If Miliband can hold on to this lead, it would give him an 86-seat majority in 2015 general election

Boris Johnson will stand for Parliament in 2015
06 Aug, 2014

'It may all go wrong,' says Boris Johnson, but 'in all probability' he'll run for MP at the next election

The Mole
22 Jul, 2014

Until now, government didn't want to risk Russian relations: after MH17, we're happy to upset Putin

A mother and child outside an East London Mosque
17 Jul, 2014

Rightwingers and feminists are united against the burka, but their opponents say a ban would be un-British

08 Jul, 2014

TV documentary shows former whip admitting that scandals involving 'small boys' could be hushed up

The Mole
07 Jul, 2014

With suspicions growing of an Establishment cover-up, Home Secretary finally gets her act together