Theresa May

04 Mar, 2013

Will a mooted by-election in Sutton Coldfield give Farage his media breakthrough, asks Nigel Horne

04 Mar, 2013

Tax cuts and health care limits for Bulgarians mooted within 24 hours of PM's vow to keep to centre path

04 Mar, 2013

Number Ten still believes Miliband and Balls are eminently beatable in 2015. Yes, but...

18 Feb, 2013

Theresa May has infuriated the judges – but it's music to the ears of Tory election guru Lynton Crosby

13 Feb, 2013

As Home Secretary takes on police reform again, senior Labour MP raises concerns about her looking 'a bit thin'

Queen Elizabeth in Northern Ireland
12 Feb, 2013

List of 100 politicians, entertainers and business leaders too 'white, middle-aged and middle-class'

Gay marriage
05 Feb, 2013

Osborne, May and Hague send letter in favour of same sex unions as MPs prepare to vote

17 Jan, 2013

Yorke isn't the first musician to square up to a politician over a tune - here's five more spats

15 Jan, 2013

Removal of controversial 'insult' clause from Public Order Act is a victory for campaigners

19 Dec, 2012

Original verdicts overturned, new inquest called as fresh police probe announced