Tim Cook

Jonathan Ive
One-Minute Read
26 May, 2015

News ends speculation over Ive's future, after rumours that British design guru was 'exhausted'

In Depth
31 Mar, 2015

Campaigners warn the legislation will be used to target the gay community, as calls to boycott the state intensify

Apple TV
One-Minute Read
17 Mar, 2015

As Tim Cook promises to reinvent TV, reports emerge that Apple is doing deals with Disney and Fox

Apple CEO Tim Cook
One-Minute Read
30 Oct, 2014

CEO Tim Cook says not everyone is lucky enough to work at a company where being gay is not an issue

Apple logo
16 Jul, 2014

Apple and IBM's plan to co-produce apps will trouble rivals Microsoft, Google and Blackberry, say analysts

One-Minute Read
29 Apr, 2015

Users of the Apple Watch say that the key functions don't work on tattooed wrists

iPhone 6
One-Minute Read
25 Sep, 2014

Apple apologises for 'great inconvenience' of flawed iOS 8 update, promising to work 'round the clock' to fix the problem

One-Minute Read
14 Aug, 2013

Company's shares rise to six-month high after investor says Apple is 'extremely undervalued'

Steve Wozniak
One-Minute Read
31 May, 2013

Entrepreneur says corporations should be treated like people to defuse public anger over tax avoidance

One-Minute Read
22 May, 2013

CEO says tech giant is proud to be American after accusations of tax avoidance