Tim Cook

14 May, 2013

At more than $20,000 per minute, that's 'one hell of a coffee break' with the Apple CEO

24 Apr, 2013

Company no longer 'king of the heap' as profits go from 'WTF to OMG' with no new products coming

02 Apr, 2013

Company apologises after being accused of 'Western superiority' and greed by state-run media

05 Mar, 2013

Search giant's shares soar as Apple's sour, despite warm words from Warren Buffett

08 Feb, 2013

Shareholder accuses company of 'acting like his grandmother' for stockpiling $137bn in cash

24 Jan, 2013

Despite records revenues, investors are worried about slowing growth and iPhone's destiny

21 Jan, 2013

'Apple fever' not over, says one analyst, but sales of new products are falling off too quickly

06 Dec, 2012

Investors take fright as China Mobile puts Nokia handsets ahead of iPhone 5

26 Oct, 2012

Tim Cook calls it a confused product - but others love the 'sleek' device, if not its 'clumsy' software