Tim Farron

Tim Farron
24 Jul, 2015

The newly elected Liberal Democrat leader said his personal Twitter account had been hacked

Liberal democrats
16 Jul, 2015

'I know Tim will do us proud,' says Nick Clegg, as Westmorland and Lonsdale MP takes his place

Arsenal players Laurent Koscielny with Olivier Giroud
16 Oct, 2014

Rampant inflation in wages is sending the cost of tickets spiralling – but what can loyal fans do?

08 Mar, 2013

After Vince Cable runs from reporters in Victoria Street, watch him fly down the Brighton promenade

25 Feb, 2013

Or is Clegg doing all the damage himself, changing his story about the Rennard rumours yet again?

22 Feb, 2013

Touch-feely Lib Dems need to check their procedures whether Rennard did anything ‘inappropriate' or not

19 Jun, 2012

Lord Fink's offer of dinner in the House of Lords for American Express clients shows why change is needed, say Lib Dems

03 Apr, 2012

Government plans to track email and phone usage under fire from Tory MPs and ‘snooping watchdog'