Today programme

Today presenters John Humphrys and Evan Davis
16 Aug, 2010

‘You wouldn’t want Evan and me flirting with each other?’ asks Today presenter

Tony Adams
11 Dec, 2009

Radio Four show's other Christmas editors will be David Hockney, PD James, Robert Wyatt, Shirley Williams and Martin Rees

Alex Ferguson
28 May, 2009

Today programme presenter John Humphrys was taken aback by Sir Alex Ferguson’s undiplomatic handling of a sports reporter

Evan Davis
22 May, 2009

Today programme presenters Evan Davis and Sarah Montague got a fit of the giggles this morning over an MP’s expenses claim

08 Apr, 2009

Ed Stourton was seen as too posh for Radio 4 and paid the price - but at least he doesn't talk as much tosh as Evan Davis