Tom Daley

03 Dec, 2013

Media praises Olympian for announcing he's dating a man, but why are papers anxious to label him 'gay'?

03 Dec, 2013

Diver is most high-profile British sportsman to come out, and could persuade others to follow suit

Tom Daley
03 Dec, 2013

Once, Daley would have had to tell a newspaper and hope they didn't twist his story. Not any more

02 Dec, 2013

Olympic silver medallist reveals relationship with unnamed man makes him feel 'happy and safe'

08 Jan, 2013

Reality TV diving show did not impress the head of British Swimming, or TV reviewers

Google Editions
11 Dec, 2012

But the annual survey of trending search topics reveals that we still love football more than the Olympics

30 Oct, 2012

Veteran broadcaster and bad boy footballer among names in this year’s Little Black Book

25 Sep, 2012

Mark Halsey angered Liverpool fans by sending off Jonjo Shelvey and awarding a penalty to Man U

04 Sep, 2012

Predator or little mermaid? Press captivated by teenage Paralympic swim sensation

24 Aug, 2012

Tabloid Tales: Las Vegas witness speaks out, Taylor Swift causes song and dance at society wedding