Tom Hanks

Bafta nominations 2014: Gravity leads race, but Mandela overlooked

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12 Years a Slave and American Hustle among favourites as Philomena's Judi Dench is tipped for 15th award

'Brilliantly acted' Disney biopic Saving Mr Banks – reviews

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Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson make terrific sparring partners in the story behind the Mary Poppins film

Saving Mr Banks: Thompson shines as Poppins' prim creator

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Actress' role as PL Travers is worthy of an Oscar, but Disney film about Walt Disney is 'sanitised'

Reviews: Tom Hanks stars in marine thriller Captain Phillips

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Paul Greengrass and Hanks are on outstanding form in this riveting true story of a Somali pirate hijacking

Cloud Atlas is 'bonkers' but audiences won't be bored

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Even its silliest elements are 'guilty pleasures' say critics as Cloud Atlas comes to UK cinemas

Cloud Atlas: will any film-goers comprehend this 'mud soup'?

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Critics say new film is a 'bloated, self-indulgent slog' - but maybe they just don't 'get it'

West Coast Main Line

Government admits ‘flaws’ in West Coast Main Line bidding

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Wed 3 Oct, AT 07:56

Transport Secretary reopens franchise bidding process after successful challenge by Virgin Trains

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas: an Oscar-worthy epic or an unparalleled disaster?

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Standing ovation for adaptation at Toronto Film Festival but some critics are left with a headache

Cloud Atlas co-director Larry Wachowski now a woman

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Former Wachowski 'brother' Larry makes her first public appearance as Lana

Simon Cowell: Tulisa sex tape leaker is 'scumbag'

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Red top tales: X-Factor mogul backs Tulisa, Tom Hanks sorry for 'racist' video