Why so many Bafta nods for 'bloated' Les Miserables?

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Film gets nine Bafta nominations despite horrible reviews - but stage musical suffered the same fate

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall

James Bond faces American rivals in Bafta film awards

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Eight nominations for Skyfall - but Spielberg's Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, leads the pack

Anne Hathaway shines in epic film version of Les Miserables

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Hathaway is brilliant as the seamstress who falls into prostitution; Russell Crowe’s singing raises questions

Tom Hooper

Award for King’s Speech raises Oscar hopes higher

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Tom Hooper named ‘best director’ at prestigious industry award ceremony

Colin Firth, George VI, The King's Speech

Will Colin Firth stammer his way to an Oscar?

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Firth wins rave reviews for his portrayal of stuttering George VI