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Tom Huddleston

Whoo-hoo! Robert Downey Jr back in smart, fun Iron Man 3

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Fri 26 Apr, AT 07:40

Superhero sequel melds action, comedy and drama in the best Iron Man movie yet

Gosling has charisma to burn in The Place Beyond the Pines

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Fri 12 Apr, AT 07:19

Ryan Gosling battles Bradley Cooper in compelling crime drama by Blue Valentine director

Denzel Washington pilots gripping star vehicle Flight

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Fri 1 Feb, AT 08:09

Washington's Oscar-nominated performance as an alcoholic pilot 'will be talked about for years'

Ang Lee's 3D adaptation of Life of Pi is 'a masterpiece'

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Thu 20 Dec, AT 08:18

Lee's dazzling movie of Yann Martel's best-selling novel leaves the film critics in awe

Dark Knight Rises is more Godfather than superhero film

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Fri 20 Jul, AT 07:28

A sinewy crime epic that makes a 'skin-prickling' finale to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy

The Dark Knight Rises to mixed reviews as critics miss Ledger

First Reaction
Tue 17 Jul, AT 13:34

The final Batman instalment is long, confused, and lacks a Joker, but it’s still a blockbuster

The Avengers

Avengers sets the bar high for superhero blockbusters

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Fri 27 Apr, AT 08:34

Robert Downey Jnr and Scarlett Johansson star in thrilling comic book adventure