Tony Blair

Tony Blair
04 Jun, 2015

Former UK prime minister will campaign for stronger laws to combat extremism and to make Holocaust denial a criminal offence

Former British prime minister Tony Blair
28 May, 2015

Middle East correspondents wonder why 'war criminal' became a peace envoy in the first place

22 May, 2015

Don't call her a Blairite, but Liz Kendall wants to reconnect Labour with aspirational centre-ground voters

21 Apr, 2015

The investigation into Britain's military involvement in Iraq is 'unlikely' to be published before 2016

The Mole
07 Apr, 2015

Former PM's support for Miliband is seen as a double-edged sword - though he might tempt 'soft Tories'

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair
09 Feb, 2015

Why Miliband might be ‘cautious’ about accepting Blair’s offer to do ‘whatever the party wants’ to help it win

Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry John Chilcot,
21 Jan, 2015

Outcry from MPs as publication of the Iraq war inquiry is delayed until after the general election

Former British prime minister Tony Blair
16 Jan, 2015

Former prime minister greeted with a standing ovation at closed-door Republican strategy meeting

Columnist Don Brind
05 Jan, 2015

Thanks for nothing: Blair and Brown between them lost 5m Labour supporters before Miliband took over

The Mole
15 Dec, 2014

Ed Miliband’s brother David would also be expected to tell what he knows about any UK complicity