Tony Blair

Liz Kendall: the would-be Labour leader who's happiest when dancing

Fri 22 May, AT 10:05

Don't call her a Blairite, but Liz Kendall wants to reconnect Labour with aspirational centre-ground voters

Chilcot Inquiry: why has the report been delayed yet again?

One-Minute Read
Tue 21 Apr, AT 09:49

The investigation into Britain's military involvement in Iraq is 'unlikely' to be published before 2016

The Mole

Blair backs Miliband as he warns of EU referendum chaos

Tue 7 Apr, AT 08:38
The Mole

Former PM's support for Miliband is seen as a double-edged sword - though he might tempt 'soft Tories'

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

Blair to the rescue – but does Miliband need Toxic Tony?

Mon 9 Feb, AT 08:11
Nigel Horne

Why Miliband might be ‘cautious’ about accepting Blair’s offer to do ‘whatever the party wants’ to help it win

Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry John Chilcot,

Chilcot Inquiry: British public 'betrayed' by further delay

First Reaction
Wed 21 Jan, AT 09:13

Outcry from MPs as publication of the Iraq war inquiry is delayed until after the general election

Former British prime minister Tony Blair

Tony Blair: force is necessary to combat Islamic extremism

One-Minute Read
Fri 16 Jan, AT 10:06

Former prime minister greeted with a standing ovation at closed-door Republican strategy meeting

Columnist Don Brind

Why should Miliband pay any attention to Tony Blair?

Mon 5 Jan, AT 08:38
Don Brind

Thanks for nothing: Blair and Brown between them lost 5m Labour supporters before Miliband took over

The Mole

Labour joins calls for Blair to be quizzed over torture

Mon 15 Dec, AT 10:05
The Mole

Ed Miliband’s brother David would also be expected to tell what he knows about any UK complicity

Labour leader Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband: the Labour leader who beat his brother to the top

Wed 3 Dec, AT 08:17

From 'weedy and square' comprehensive school pupil to opposition leader. Will Ed be the next PM?

Armed police at Westminster

Terror suspect 'planned to assassinate Tony Blair'

One-Minute Read
Tue 14 Oct, AT 15:34

Jury hears of plot similar to the 2008 Mumbai terror attack that left 160 people dead