Tony Blair

21 Jul, 2014

Damian McBride stirs up trouble – while Tony Blair offers to help Ed at election. Thanks but no thanks

Tony Blair
13 Jul, 2014

Committee wants to quiz former prime minister over ‘comfort letters’

The Mole
01 Jul, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch and Nicole Kidman are no-shows: PM has to settle for Cilla Black and Bruce Forsyth

Prince Charles
30 Jun, 2014

Constitutional reformers up in arms at news the future monarch tried to exert influence on policy

Tony Blair
22 Jun, 2014

Former intelligence chief says PM ‘trying to rewrite history’ of Assad's chemical weapons

Crispin Black
17 Jun, 2014

If Isis, from a standing start, can threaten Baghdad in a few days, then nothing is safe

The Mole
16 Jun, 2014

Former PM insists Iraq nightmare 'was always going to happen': you need help, says Boris Johnson

Tony Blair
15 Jun, 2014

Former PM says Iraq war did not create Isis and renews call for action in Syria

Crispin Black
12 Jun, 2014

Murderous militants have exploited West’s botched foreign policy. But will anyone accept responsibility?

The Mole
02 Jun, 2014

Even his friends feel it was Blair's over-enthusiasm for a federal Europe that got us into this mess