Tony Blair

Peter Mandelson, Gordon Brown and Simon Lewis
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16 Jun, 2009

Gordon Brown belongs to an era when people voted for the idea of socialism. Today they need a charismatic leader, like Tony Blair, to sell it to them

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10 Mar, 2009

The 9/11 attacks gave the Irish republican movement the perfect opportunity to effortlessly insert itself into civilian life

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25 Feb, 2009

As the BBC tells the story of Margaret Thatcher’s downfall in a major new drama, historian Andrew Roberts assesses her legacy

18 Feb, 2009

Toe the line with the US and Israel and that pension fund will keep growing

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13 Nov, 2008

Despite the furore over its inspiration, David Hare’s play provides a fitting coda to the New Labour years, but shares the same failings

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05 Nov, 2008

The BBC pair are merely symptomatic of a wider viciousness in British society that permeates politics, business and the media

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23 Oct, 2008

Omission of the banking crisis is the only flaw in Chris Patten's optimistic view of the next century, says Henry Porter

21 Oct, 2008

MAN IN THE NEWS: The Hull City manager is raising the reputation of English football coaches, says Neil Clark