Tony Blair

George W. Bush and Tony Blair in 2006
30 May, 2014

Inquiry into Britain's role in Iraq War is condemned as a 'whitewash' as private messages suppressed

30 May, 2014

In 'marked reversal of current policy', Simon Stevens hopes to abandon NHS fixation with 'mass centralisation'

Tony Blair
27 May, 2014

The former PM, a pro-European to his manicured fingertips, appears to make a pitch for the job

Wikipedia website
30 Apr, 2014

Government computers used to call for Tony Blair's assassination and accuse all Muslims of being terrorists

Former British prime minister Tony Blair
23 Apr, 2014

Former PM tells London audience the West should ignore 'differences' with Russia to combat extremism

12 Apr, 2014

In a rare statement of his religious views, Cameron has described Christians' 'countless acts of kindness'

31 Mar, 2014

Former Labour health minister Lord Warner claims member scheme could secure £2bn a year for NHS

05 Feb, 2014

Vanity Fair publishes passionate note said to have been written by Murdoch's then wife

04 Feb, 2014

Did Labour sources leak the internal report which claims Unite manipulated the candidate selection?

03 Feb, 2014

Write out 100 times: for every parent who dislikes his Thatcherite tone, there’s another who agrees about the Three Rs