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Tony Blair

Tony Blair: I 'regret' not making cuts before 2008 crisis

One-Minute Read
Wed 30 Oct, AT 12:14

Former PM says UK would have been better prepared if 2005 cuts had been put into action

George Mudie attacks 'hesitant' Ed Miliband: how serious is it?

Fri 2 Aug, AT 09:23
The Mole

Veteran Labour MP is not alone in his worries that Ed Miliband cannot bring the party victory in 2015 election

George Bush; Tony Blair

Iraq war: Chilcot warns Blair he faces criticism over invasion

Fri 19 Jul, AT 11:26
The Mole

But the potentially explosive letters between Blair and Bush look set to stay private, despite Cameron's wishes


Crow: if Labour wants distance let's find another party to back

Tue 9 Jul, AT 16:09
The Mole

RMT leader dampens celebrations after Blair and McCluskey praise Miliband for finance reforms


Did Labour mislead the press or is Ed Miliband panicking?

Tue 9 Jul, AT 10:35
The Mole

And if Ed's reform of union links doesn't tackle how party leader is elected then it will look like a sham

'Hi girls': Tony Blair's greeting to Gaddafi harem

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Mon 8 Jul, AT 12:08

Girl groomed to be Gaddafi sex slave recalls meeting 'clueless' PM near Tripoli


Cameron beats Salmond in race to benefit from Murray effect

Mon 8 Jul, AT 10:36
The Mole

SNP leader unfurls Saltire in royal box – but Murray called himself a British winner not a Scottish one

John Humphrys: Five top bouts of BBC 'prize-fighter'

Thu 4 Jul, AT 14:54

Eviscerating George Entwistle or probing Julian Assange's sex life all in a day's work

Robert Fox

Syria: why is Cameron so gung-ho when military says Stay Out?

Tue 18 Jun, AT 08:10
Robert Fox

However humane the cause for intervening against Bashar Assad may be, the old rules still hold