Tony Blair

14 Feb, 2013

Ed's history lesson: forget Harold Macmillan and remember how Ronald Reagan beat Carter in 1980

01 Feb, 2013

Cameron has bet his political life on renegotiating membership: hence the help for France in Africa

31 Jan, 2013

Brilliant? Or does the census show 'the truth' about Labour's lax immigration policies?

31 Jan, 2013

General Cameron's 'war on terror' in Algeria and Mali makes a mockery of the last defence review

30 Jan, 2013

Beware Britain's military-media complex, always ready to blow the trumpet for the next war

27 Jan, 2013

Coalition revises 'politically correct' citizenship handbook - and cuts Tony Blair's entry to one paragraph

17 Jan, 2013

Yorke isn't the first musician to square up to a politician over a tune - here's five more spats

11 Jan, 2013

The campaign that has cost the Army 439 lives in Afghanistan was never endorsed by MPs

Crispin Black
20 Dec, 2012

Military leaders are like BBC execs – near-impossible to sack and without the self-knowledge to step down

Sami al-Saadi
14 Dec, 2012

British government pays £2m to Libyan dissident as CIA is found guilty of 'torture'