Tony Blair at Leveson Inquiry

Blair tells of Daily Mail's 'huge and sustained' attack on him

Media Watch Mon 28 May, AT 16:25

Former PM says once Paul Dacre's paper is against you it is a 'lifetime commitment'


Leveson: protester steals Tony Blair show with 'war criminal' cry

Mon 28 May, AT 16:16 The Mole

But smooth former prime minister calmly dismisses allegations about JP Morgan and the Iraq war


Leveson slaps down Campbell over Queen Mum funeral story

Mon 14 May, AT 17:50 The Mole

Alastair Campbell told not to ‘overdo it’ after once again denying story that Blair tried to muscle in on Queen Mother’s funeral


Cameron nightmare continues as prospect of Coulson memoir emerges

Mon 14 May, AT 09:21 The Mole

PM was reportedly so keen to hire Andy Coulson that he waived the usual confidentiality clause. Uh-oh...

Rebekah Brooks

Can Leveson tackle the power of Brooks and the harlot of Fleet St?

Point of View Mon 14 May, AT 07:29

Rebekah Brooks's bravura performance must leave Leveson in little doubt of the media's 'power without responsibility'


Irish people may be the next to reject Europe's austerity dream

Opinion digest Fri 11 May, AT 11:13

Opinion digest: Irish austerity, gay marriage culture wars, British FBI and Olympic propaganda

Abdel Hakim Belhadj

Belhadj rendition: why the MI6 spooks dropped Jack Straw in it

Wed 18 Apr, AT 08:53 Crispin Black

As Straw is served legal papers, it seems today's secret agents are no longer prepared to take the fall for politicians


Tories have become Murdoch's Defenders: it's a gift to Labour

Opinion digest Thu 3 May, AT 11:55

Opinion digest: Cameron's damaging relationship with Murdoch, London's mayoral election, and China's blind prophet

Tony Blair

Blair 'comeback': will 'Lord Tony' become PM? Er, no

First Post Thu 3 May, AT 10:54

A sceptic suggests that way too much is being read into former PM's personnel choices