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US military doctors 'designed torture methods' for detainees

Mon 4 Nov, AT 15:17

Medical professionals at Guantanamo Bay and war bases accused of violating oath to 'do no harm'

Rabbi Epstein

Rabbis arrested over plan to 'torture' husbands into divorce

One-Minute Read
Fri 11 Oct, AT 15:47

Men planned to use cattle prods to convince Hasidic men to grant divorce, for a $100,000 fee

Gen Petraeus and the torture units: the other story of the Iraq Surge

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Thu 7 Mar, AT 16:01

James Steele, veteran of US dirty wars in South America, also implicated in treatment of Sunnis

Sinai desert gangs torture victims with fire for ransom

Mon 26 Nov, AT 13:55

'My body is burning,' Eritrean torture victim tells Radio 4 Today after desert kidnapping

North Korea's deadly Camp 22 penal gulag 'still operational'

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Thu 25 Oct, AT 16:13

Satellite images show that Pyongyang's largest labour camp has not been abandoned after all

Chained person

Did the CIA run torture prison 'black site' in Poland?

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Fri 22 Jun, AT 12:08

Inquiry into secret prison threatens to entangle former top Polish officials

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

CIA waterboarding tapes showed vomiting and screaming

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Thu 10 May, AT 09:58

Over 92 hours of secret video destroyed by the CIA in 2005 makes for 'very disturbing' viewing

John McCain

McCain calls for air strikes as Syrian atrocities mount

Tue 6 Mar, AT 13:48

Senator John McCain says US has moral duty to oust Assad as tales of torture leak out of Homs

egypt army

Torture tales ruin friendly image of Egyptian army

Thu 10 Feb, AT 21:17
Venetia Rainey

Protesters complain of torture and detentions by Mubarak’s army