Toulouse shootings

Mohammed Merah

Al-Jazeera will not show footage of Toulouse shootings

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Tue 27 Mar, AT 14:45

Video of killings sent to Al-Jazeera on the day Mohammed Merah was found by police

Toulouse shootings RAID police

Toulouse gunman shot dead in firefight with police

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Thu 22 Mar, AT 11:14

'Mujahideen' suspected of murdering Jewish schoolchildren said he would die with a gun in his hand

Toulouse shootings suspect: who is Mohammed Merah?

Thu 22 Mar, AT 08:00

Video emerges of alleged gunman driving a BMW around a car park

RAID special forces unit

Toulouse shootings: Algerian man cornered in flat

Wed 21 Mar, AT 14:00

Suspect in Jewish school shootings, who has been linked with al-Qaeda, is in an armed stand-off with police

France on red alert as manhunt continues for Toulouse killer

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Tue 20 Mar, AT 10:30

Killings raise questions over Sarkozy's decision to make immigration a presidential election issue

Toulouse school shooting

Is lone-wolf extremist responsible for Toulouse school shooting?

Mon 19 Mar, AT 15:15

Gun used in killing of three children and one adult at French school is same as one used to murder North African soldiers last week