Tour de France

08 Nov, 2012

Tour de France winner suffers suspected broken ribs after coming off his bike in collision with van

Lance Armstrong
23 Oct, 2012

Shamed cyclist loses more sponsors as he faces heavy financial penalty for doping

22 Oct, 2012

'Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling. He deserves to be forgotten,' says UCI

16 Oct, 2012

Former UCI doping expert says governing body accepted funds after rumours of failed test

12 Oct, 2012

Shocked Tour de France champ thanks British Cycling system for keeping him clean

Lance Armstrong Tour de France
11 Oct, 2012

US media turns on cyclist Armstrong after Usada dossier destroys his reputation

11 Oct, 2012

Cyclist's reputation in tatters after team-mates give evidence of illegal doping culture he inspired

Tour of Britain
14 Sep, 2012

Tiernan-Locke is just 24 seconds behind race leader Howard and he’s a mountain specialist

14 Sep, 2012

Three-year-old Colt will make Triple Crown history if he wins the St Leger on Saturday