Trident: Westminster accused of bullying Scotland over base

One-Minute Read
Thu 11 Jul, AT 09:22

SNP outraged by MoD plan to make Scottish nuclear submarine base a sovereign UK territory

Trident: why parties are rowing over nuclear deterrent

Thu 9 Apr, AT 10:05

Tories claim Labour would 'barter away' Trident in a bid to secure power through an SNP coalition

Robert Fox

Why does Cameron want to raid foreign aid bank? Answer: Syria

Thu 21 Feb, AT 15:02
Robert Fox

PM's new strategy masks the ugly truth – that unless Trident is dropped, we cannot afford these missions

Sunday papers

Furious Leveson threatened to quit inquiry after Gove criticism

Sunday Papers
Sun 17 Jun, AT 10:19

From the Sunday papers: Leveson anger, Greek fears and Harry Potter as the Antichrist

Trident: is Coalition avoiding the debate that could blow it apart?

Fri 1 Jun, AT 07:05
Robert Fox

In an era of proliferation, the UK might well need a new nuclear weapon – but we seem to be ploughing ahead without a debate

Nonsense at the heart of Britain's 'independent' nuclear defence

Fri 2 Mar, AT 07:32
Crispin Black

A secret review into the future of our nuclear deterrent is underway - and it's time to face some home truths

David Cameron

Tricksy Brown seeks Tory split on Trident

Thu 9 Jul, AT 09:49

The Mole: The PM has timed his defence review to have maximum impact on the divided Tory frontbench, says our Westminster insider