Five killed as Chile struck by 8.2 magnitude earthquake

One-Minute Read
Wed 2 Apr, AT 09:19

Chilean president declares northern Chile a disaster area after huge quake and tsunami

Watts and McGregor 'superb' in tsunami film The Impossible

Hot Ticket
Wed 2 Jan, AT 07:33

Astonishing effects and great performances leave audiences white-knuckled and teary-eyed

Western nations face third world risks

Mon 10 Dec, AT 10:02

Political risks previously associated with developing markets are now a feature of western nations

Japan tsunami Natori

Huge dock is latest Japanese tsunami debris to reach US

First Post
Thu 7 Jun, AT 14:15

Seventy-foot long structure is biggest find so far, but most debris is expected over next two years

Tsunami warning after strong Indonesia earthquake

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Wed 11 Apr, AT 12:25

Locals are fleeing to higher ground after an 8.7 magnitude quake struck under the sea off Aceh

Japanese politician drinks water from Fukushima

Deja Vu
Tue 1 Nov, AT 16:18

Brave Yasuhiro Sonoda is not the first politician to risk it all to prove a point

People climb hill to flee tsunami in new video

Mon 18 Apr, AT 17:40
Venetia Rainey

Latest footage of Japanese tsunami shows entire town washed away as people run up slope (with video)

Nuclear test mushroom cloud above Mururoa Atoll

Polynesians fear 20-metre tsunami from nuclear atoll

Thu 17 Mar, AT 12:24

French scientist warns that part of radioactive Mururoa atoll could break off and trigger a tsunami