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Tunisian revolution

Tunisians vote for change, not religious extremism

Thu 27 Oct, AT 16:17
Venetia Rainey

Previously banned Ennahda party steams ahead, looking to secular parties for coalition

Tunisia's 'clean election' is a signal of hope

Talking Point
Wed 26 Oct, AT 13:44

But there is always a danger that dark forces lie behind the Arab awakening

mohammed bouazizi tunisia

Mohammed Bouazizi: he will not be forgotten

Thu 24 Feb, AT 08:32
Venetia Rainey

A look at the plans to commemorate the man who set fire to himself and started a revolution

Tunisia's President Ben Ali and Donald Rumsfeld

Why did we never know how rotten Tunisia was?

Point of View
Mon 17 Jan, AT 07:47

Thanks to the west taking his side, President Ben Ali got away with his corrupt rule for 23 years