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Iraqi government forces hold an Islamic State flag after they claimed they controlled an Islamic State town

Trio 'trying to join Islamic State' arrested after parents' tip-off

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Mon 16 Mar, AT 08:50

British teenagers intercepted in Istanbul and returned to England, but they have since been released on bail

Turkish MPs exchange punches in the parliament

Turkish parliament brawl: five other political punch-ups

Fri 20 Feb, AT 11:29

Parliamentary brawls are not uncommon around the world – here are five of the most chaotic

US 'drops weapons into hands of Islamic State'

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Wed 22 Oct, AT 10:08

Pentagon investigating whether weapons intended for Kurds accidentally ended up with Islamic State

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to become Turkey's first directly elected president

Erdogan: why is Turkey's new president such a divisive figure?

Mon 11 Aug, AT 15:43

Promising a 'new Turkey', the former prime minister is yet to silence his critics after over a decade in power

Two schoolgirls embrace and laugh

Women shouldn't laugh in public, says Turkey's deputy PM

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Wed 30 Jul, AT 14:08

Politician prompts online outcry with speech denouncing moral decay in Turkey

A man kisses his rescued son

Turkish coal mine explosion leaves 200 dead and 80 injured

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Wed 14 May, AT 08:59

Hundreds of families were desperately waiting for news but rescuers pulled out ‘body after body'

Turkey tries to ban YouTube after Syria leak – will it work?

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Fri 28 Mar, AT 13:46

Turkey's attempt to stop people using video-sharing website YouTube are doomed to fail, analysts say

Why did Turkey shoot down a Syrian warplane?

Mon 24 Mar, AT 12:01

Turkey says fighter plane violated its borders, but Syria says Turkey's internal politics are to blame

Turkey Twitter ban

US condemns Turkey Twitter ban as ‘21st-century book burning’

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Sun 23 Mar, AT 10:53

Turkish government stands by ban, saying ‘no global company is above the law’

Twitter blocked in Turkey as PM vows to 'wipe out' site

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Fri 21 Mar, AT 12:38

'Twitter, schmitter!' cries Prime Minister Erdogan after damaging allegations flood social networks