Holidaymakers on Ngapali Beach, Myanmar
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25 Jun, 2015

Getting a bargain is harder than it used to be, but they're still there for those in the know

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25 Jun, 2015

Suicide bomb kills 12 and wounds 70 in border town as Islamic State launch simultaneous attacks across Syria

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08 Jun, 2015

AKP suffers its worst result in more than a decade as Kurds celebrate shake up in Turkey's political landscape

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20 Apr, 2015

Turkey says there was no systematic attempt to wipe out Armenians, but many scholars disagree

Iraqi government forces hold an Islamic State flag after they claimed they controlled an Islamic State town
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16 Mar, 2015

British teenagers intercepted in Istanbul and returned to England, but they have since been released on bail

Turkish MPs exchange punches in the parliament
20 Feb, 2015

Parliamentary brawls are not uncommon around the world – here are five of the most chaotic

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22 Oct, 2014

Pentagon investigating whether weapons intended for Kurds accidentally ended up with Islamic State

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to become Turkey's first directly elected president
11 Aug, 2014

Promising a 'new Turkey', the former prime minister is yet to silence his critics after over a decade in power

Two schoolgirls embrace and laugh
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30 Jul, 2014

Politician prompts online outcry with speech denouncing moral decay in Turkey

A man kisses his rescued son
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14 May, 2014

Hundreds of families were desperately waiting for news but rescuers pulled out ‘body after body'