One-Minute Read
28 Mar, 2014

Turkey's attempt to stop people using video-sharing website YouTube are doomed to fail, analysts say

In Depth
24 Mar, 2014

Turkey says fighter plane violated its borders, but Syria says Turkey's internal politics are to blame

Turkey Twitter ban
One-Minute Read
23 Mar, 2014

Turkish government stands by ban, saying ‘no global company is above the law’

One-Minute Read
21 Mar, 2014

'Twitter, schmitter!' cries Prime Minister Erdogan after damaging allegations flood social networks

07 Feb, 2014

It's been a bad start to 2014 as 'Fragile Five' spread contagion, and there could be more gloom to come

One-Minute Read
11 Sep, 2013

Gardener Veli Acar claims he killed Catherine Bury and shot her mother and son in a jealous rage

Robert Fox
03 Jun, 2013

Turkey is officially secular – and the protesters don't like Erdogan's increasingly Islamic agenda

Ahmet Dogan assassination attempt Bulgaria
20 Jan, 2013

Ahmet Dogan escaped unharmed when the would-be assassin's pistol did not go off