British woman shot in Turkish villa 'in relationship with killer'

One-Minute Read Wed 11 Sep, AT 11:24

Gardener Veli Acar claims he killed Catherine Bury and shot her mother and son in a jealous rage

Robert Fox

High-handed Erdogan: what lies behind the violence in Turkey

Mon 3 Jun, AT 08:05 Robert Fox

Turkey is officially secular – and the protesters don't like Erdogan's increasingly Islamic agenda

Ahmet Dogan assassination attempt Bulgaria

Bulgarian politician has gun pointed at his head - video

Video Sun 20 Jan, AT 10:59

Ahmet Dogan escaped unharmed when the would-be assassin's pistol did not go off

Refugees battle 'horrendous' conditions on Syrian border

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'Animals live better than this in the West,' says doctor shocked by death and despair at Camp Atmeh

France outraged by murder of Kurdish activists in Paris

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Three women are found shot dead in Paris - was their killing politically motivated?

Turkey set to deploy Patriot missiles on Syrian border

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Turkish request to Nato comes as fears grow of Assad using chemical weapons

Syria and Turkey 'close to war’ after 'air piracy’ incident

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Neighbours thought to be sliding towards war after Turkey intercepts plane carrying 'illegal cargo’