Bashar al-Assad

Syria: Assad promises to 'annihilate' terrorist threat

One-Minute Read Fri 29 Jun, AT 12:44

As tanks mass on the border with Turkey, Syria's leader rejects any external measures to bring peace

Demitris Christofias

Cyprus: Communist leader has leverage with Brussels

First Post Tue 26 Jun, AT 11:19

If President Christofias doesn't like the EU's bailout conditions he could go to Moscow instead


David Cameron's housing cuts will alienate the young

Opinion digest Mon 25 Jun, AT 10:22

Opinion Digest: welfare cuts, Egypt's presidential election and the morality of taxation

Stoke striker Ricardo Fuller

Stoke players pelted with missiles by fans in Turkey

One-Minute Read Thu 15 Dec, AT 10:44

Tony Pulis says he won't complain after Besiktas barrage, but Uefa might take note

Shoddy buildings will raise Turkish quake death toll

First Post Mon 24 Oct, AT 13:35

Poor construction and freezing conditions likely to send death toll much higher