Tzipi Livni

23 Jan, 2013

PM to continue for third term, but success of Lapid and Bennett shows Israelis want change

26 Nov, 2012

Netanyahu's defence minister wants more time with his family – or does he have another agenda?

Tzipi Livni
24 Feb, 2010

Former PM breaks Israeli silence on the killing of Hamas leader al-Mabhouh

Tzipi Livni
15 Dec, 2009

If Livni had come to London on Sunday, she could have been arrested over Gaza war crimes

16 Feb, 2009

The Israeli prime ministerial wannabe saw parallels with the double lives her parents led, says psychoanalyst Coline Covington

05 Feb, 2009

The ultra-right-wing tough-talking ex-bouncer could force his way into Israel’s government

14 Jan, 2009

Israel’s ban on journalists in the Gaza Strip has led to skewed information on both sides in the crisis