UFO spotted in Berkshire skies leaves investigators baffled

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Object shaped like a rugby ball flew within a few feet of passenger jet at 34,000ft, claims pilot

Van Halen bassist insulted by 'd***heads' One Direction

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Tabloid tales: Van Halen’s angry 1D tweets, Bieber takes a tumble, Lady Gaga to launch 'healthy water' brand

UFO files: faceless humanoids spook Welsh hotel owner

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Highlights from the latest tranche of MoD 'X-Files' released by the National Archives

Big Brother Brian sues ITV2 for 'stealing' Towie idea

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Red top tales: BB winner Belo says Essex show was his idea, 3D nude scene 'terrible' for Kate

Triangular UFO Stereo

Nasa shoots down triangular UFO conspiracy theory

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Of course, if the space agency is wrong, a planet-sized spaceship is heading straight for us

Jerusalem UFO video: a spaceship or a movie?

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Footage of a UFO at the Dome of the Rock has led cynics to suggest a film is in the offing (with video)

A Trident Ii, Or D-5 Missile, Is Launched From An Ohio-Class Submarine

Aliens ‘interfered with nuclear weapons’

News Tue 28 Sep, AT 17:19

Ex-Air Force chiefs demand US and UK govts release files that prove aliens exist