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UK austerity

Bank of England

UK economic growth revised down to 0.3 per cent

First Reaction
Wed 28 Mar, AT 15:04

Contraction of economy in the final quarter of 2011 was worse than first thought

Bank of England

Inflation at 14 month low as earnings squeeze continues

One-Minute Read
Tue 20 Mar, AT 13:08

Fall is not as much as analysts were hoping, thanks to high alcohol prices

AAA credit rating

Fitch warns UK could lose AAA rating in next two years

One-Minute Read
Thu 15 Mar, AT 10:17

But credit rating agency is remarkably complimentary about UK economy on eve of 2012 Budget

Oxford Street - January sales

January spending boost takes economists by surprise

One-Minute Read
Fri 17 Feb, AT 15:30

Rise in retail sales alleviates double-dip fears but 14 chain stores still closing every day


Inflation down, but Moody's alert should be troubling Osborne

Tue 14 Feb, AT 10:06
The Mole

John Humphrys lets Chancellor off the hook by not quizzing him on failure to foster growth


British economy will escape a double-dip recession, says CBI

One-Minute Read
Mon 13 Feb, AT 14:43

Growth in exports and business investments to help economy swell not shrink


The US economy is recovering - so why isn't Britain's?

Talking Point
Thu 9 Feb, AT 11:59

Lower household debt and more flexible labour rules help US economy rally while ours flatlines

UK heads towards recession: how bad is it?

Wed 25 Jan, AT 12:02

Some analysts believe we are already in recession, but there is some cause for optimism

Iain Duncan-Smith

It is morally and practically right to cap welfare payments

Talking Point
Mon 23 Jan, AT 11:59

But what about recouping the billions paid to families earning ABOVE the national average?

Ed Miliband Labour leader

Will Miliband's battle with the unions make or break Labour?

Talking Point
Wed 18 Jan, AT 12:41

Ed Miliband might be wise to back cuts for the sake of the economy, but we need a real opposition