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uk austerity

Mervyn King

Sir Mervyn King gives green light to miss UK debt goal

One-Minute Read
Fri 21 Sep, AT 15:39

King says Chancellor has a good excuse because world economy is in trouble, but claims economic recovery is on its way

Public attitude to welfare state 'toughens' despite recession

Talking Point
Mon 17 Sep, AT 16:07

Less sympathy for benefit recipients but more people want to see an increase in public spending

John Major 'economic green shoots' claim shot down

Business Digest
Mon 17 Sep, AT 10:21

Former PM claims economy is recovering, but more bad borrowing figures are expected

Alistair Darling

Growth in service sector boosts UK economy

One-Minute Read
Wed 5 Sep, AT 12:27

UK is 'clawing its way out of recession' with service sector growth

George Osborne floats small business lending scheme

First Post
Mon 3 Sep, AT 09:00

Similar schemes have worked in Germany and US but critics fear more ‘zombie’ businesses

Recession in UK manufacturing is easing, says report

One-Minute Read
Mon 3 Sep, AT 12:37

Manufacturing sector continues to contract - but August data is best for four months


Tax receipts down, economy in chaos – where are our leaders?

Wed 22 Aug, AT 10:59
The Mole

Labour’s Chuka Umunna is the only man in town as coalition looks increasingly like the Mary Celeste

UK push for growth expected - but will it be enough?

One-Minute Read
Wed 22 Aug, AT 10:02

Chancellor urged by business leaders to move quickly as poll shows just 16% of voters trust him


Rattled: IDS charges Flanders with 'peeing all over industry'

Mon 20 Aug, AT 07:48
The Mole

Iain Duncan Smith's attack on BBC economics editor is further evidence of panic at lack of real growth

Recession blamed for 1000 British suicides

First Post
Wed 15 Aug, AT 15:05

A study has found that the financial crisis reversed a downward trend in the number of suicides