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Christine Lagarde

IMF says UK should cut VAT and interest rates to weather euro shock

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Tue 22 May, AT 14:37

International Monetary Fund backs austerity drive, but suggests 'temporary fiscal easing' might be appropriate

Home Secretary Theresa May

How angry are the police with Home Secretary Theresa May?

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Thu 17 May, AT 12:05

Officers 'at the end of their tether' heckle May over cuts to the service and reforms to their pay

Bank of England

Bank of England holds interest rates and quantitative easing

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Thu 10 May, AT 15:25

High inflation deters Bank from printing more money as rates are kept at 0.5%

Bank of England

Bank of England gets the blame as inflation jumps in March

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Tue 17 Apr, AT 13:56

CPI rises to 3.7%, leaving Mervyn King even further away from government's 2% target

Ed Miliband Labour leader

Will Miliband's battle with the unions make or break Labour?

Talking Point
Wed 18 Jan, AT 12:41

Ed Miliband might be wise to back cuts for the sake of the economy, but we need a real opposition

The big strike: where it will hit and why the army might step in

Mon 28 Nov, AT 10:26

Wednesday's strike over public workers' pension will hit schools, hospitals and airports