UK Border Agency

UK Border police

Big cats, walrus horn and hippo teeth stopped at UK border

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Fri 15 Nov, AT 11:13

Eight live big cats, 466 tortoises and a tayra among animals confiscated by border guards

Million-volt stun guns escape Border Agency detection

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Mon 7 Jan, AT 11:11

London criminals are turning to stun guns imported via internet for as little as £60

Heathrow queue

'Cover-up' as border staff try to ban pictures of Heathrow queues

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Mon 30 Apr, AT 07:57

Emails suggest UK Border Agency and Heathrow owner in war of words over immigration delays

Somalian pirate

Government 'approves ransoms to Somali pirates'

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Mon 16 Jan, AT 09:36

William Hague's claims that the coalition doesn't facilitate payments called into question