UK debt

Osborne's Autumn Statement: what you need to know

Thu 6 Dec, AT 10:23

Chancellor's 'mini-budget' puts squeeze on welfare benefits and raids higher earners' pensions

George Osborne holding a pound

Want growth? Osborne must ask BofE to drop government debt

Wed 13 Jun, AT 07:31
Richard Ehrman

If the Bank wrote off its government bonds, UK debt would instantly fall by a third - and nobody would lose out


UK borrowing reaches £10bn: a new April record

Tue 24 May, AT 15:58

Business digest: Total government debt now stands at £910bn

George Osborne announces emergency budget

UK budget cuts have ‘averted a debt crisis’

Thu 10 Mar, AT 10:07

Business digest: UK austerity plans have restored market confidence, says debt head