George Osborne

George Osborne's 'Madchester' hair steals speech spotlight

Summary Tue 1 Oct, AT 11:45

Chancellor was expected to crow about economic recovery, but address far from 'sure-footed'

Shopping; high street; economy; recession

Britain's recovery propped up by consumer spending

Brief Fri 27 Sep, AT 11:59

UK economy grew 0.7% in the second quarter but lack of trade and investment growth cast shadow over data

More good news for UK economy as BCC sees growth

One-Minute Read Fri 30 Aug, AT 11:56

British Chamber of Commerce says UK recovery is gaining momentum and predicts unemployment drop

GDP growth boost: is Britain's economic recovery finally on?

First Reaction Fri 23 Aug, AT 14:10

Second quarter growth figure has been revised upwards by ONS - and it looks sustainable

Gherkin City of London

Britain's healing economy reaches 'escape velocity'

One-Minute Read Wed 31 Jul, AT 11:20

Leading economists says UK's finances continue to improve and recovery is 'self-sustaining'

Royal baby 'will give economy a brief but positive boost'

One-Minute Read Mon 22 Jul, AT 15:53

Centre for Retail Research is hoping for a £240m boost in consumer spending when baby arrives

UK economy 'on mend' at last as GDP boost forecast

One-Minute Read Mon 22 Jul, AT 11:15

Hopes for a jump in growth for second quarter as five surveys provide positive outlook

George Osborne

IMF tells George Osborne: 'up your game'

Brief Thu 18 Jul, AT 11:57

Despite raising UK's growth forecast, the IMF says Chancellor must do more – but not everyone agrees

Vince Cable

Cable warns of UK's 'zombie companies' heading for bust

One-Minute Read Tue 16 Jul, AT 12:15

Cable says we need new insolvency laws to cope with companies that will go under when interest rates rise

Bank of England

All this economic good news: maybe it's the Carney effect?

Summary Mon 8 Jul, AT 15:32

Governor's first week at Band of England coincides with flurry of optimistic economic data