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UK growth

Bank of England

Bank of England pessimist now confident of UK growth

One-Minute Read
Wed 25 Sep, AT 11:10

David Miles says Britain's economic recovery is now sustainable and defends 'forward guidance'

2013 will be a 'game-changing' year for employment

One-Minute Read
Tue 10 Sep, AT 11:42

Survey says that the last quarter of the year will see the UK’s strongest rate of job growth since 2007

Autumn Statement: what to expect as squeeze continues

Wed 5 Dec, AT 08:55

Tax rises for the rich, benefits squeeze for the poor: George Osborne spreads the pain of austerity

'Something must be done': Nick Clegg breaks coalition lines

Mon 31 Oct, AT 10:35
The Mole

But Clegg's £1bn local jobs plan does not appear to involve any 'new money'

Shop closing down; Britain's recession; economy

UK quarterly growth figures downgraded

Wed 5 Oct, AT 16:04

Business digest: ONS says the economy grew by just 0.1% between April and June

Ed Balls

Labour’s solution: more growth, more Balls

Mon 26 Sep, AT 12:20
The Mole

Ed Balls promises a disciplined approach to the economy – but it looks like a smokescreen

Nick Clegg

Clegg nails his trousers to Conservatives’ mast

Thu 22 Sep, AT 10:52
The Mole

Lib Dem leader can expect a roasting next week after his ‘don’t trust Labour’ speech