Can Ukip give Miliband a scare in Labour's heartland?

Mon 27 Jan, AT 09:20 Don Brind

In upcoming by-election, Farage aims to prove it's not just Tories at risk – he's targeting Labour too

Tory split over Europe: now Ken Clarke enters the arena

Mon 13 Jan, AT 10:47 The Mole

As 95 Tories demand the right to veto EU rules, Clarke says immigrants make Britain 'healthier'

Marine Le Pen seeks alliance with Ukip to bring down EU

One-Minute Read Fri 10 Jan, AT 10:36

'As a strictly non-racist and libertarian party, Ukip will be ploughing our own furrow,' insists Farage

Viviane Reding: British public fed 'myths' about immigration

First Reaction Fri 10 Jan, AT 08:51

Brussels official wants a 'United States of Europe’ but is she unintentionally helping Ukip win votes?

Coalition cracks: is Cameron secretly happy about it?

Tue 7 Jan, AT 10:28 The Mole

Twin attacks on Tory policy by Clegg and Cable make it easier for PM to please his backbenchers

Pensioner perks: Osborne and Cameron target grey vote

Mon 6 Jan, AT 10:53 The Mole

Chancellor aims to protect pensioners and hit young people on benefits and rich council tenants instead

Don Brind

Labour on course for victory: two polls spoil PM’s New Year

Mon 6 Jan, AT 09:47 Don Brind

Ashcroft says Tories can win an outright majority only if everyone prepared to vote for them does so

Vince Cable

Vince Cable attack on 'panicked' Tories will 'poison' coalition

First Reaction Mon 23 Dec, AT 10:41

Business secretary 'infuriates' Tory MPs by linking migrant crackdown to 'racist' Enoch Powell speech

Don Brind

Did Osborne give Tories the poll boost they needed? Not really

Tue 10 Dec, AT 11:28 Don Brind

Polls show Autumn Statement was no game-changer, while Ukip claims it's taking charge in key marginals

Property tycoon Paul Sykes hits Cameron with double blow

Mon 18 Nov, AT 10:29 The Mole

Anti-Europe multi-millionaire backs Ukip and piles on pressure for an early EU referendum