Ukip is 'growing up' - so what does it stand for now?

Talking Point Fri 20 Sep, AT 15:00

Party leader Nigel Farage expects Ukip to overtake Lib Dems with new raft of policies

UKIP's Farage vows to 'get a grip' after 'amateur' jibe

Talking Point Wed 21 Aug, AT 13:10

With success at European elections in sight, leader moves to increase party's 'professionalism'

UKIP treasurer: Chess, bridge prove women can't compete with men

One-Minute Read Thu 15 Aug, AT 13:38

Stuart Wheeler's comments on women in business branded 'sexist' and 'disingenuous'

We give money to Africa to stop 'them' coming here, says Cameron

Thu 8 Aug, AT 11:09 The Mole

Talk of 'bongo bongo land' is offensive says PM - before explaining his line on foreign aid with unexpected clarity


'Bongo bongo' scandal: is there a Tory plot behind the outrage?

Wed 7 Aug, AT 10:49 The Mole

Leak of Godfrey Bloom film follows Sunday Times report claiming Lynton Crosby aims to discredit UKIP politicians

Godfrey Bloom UKIP MEP

UKIP 'bongo bongo' scandal: who is Godfrey Bloom, MEP?

First Reaction Wed 7 Aug, AT 09:21

Bloom stands by his foreign aid remarks, saying it's 'what people at the cricket club think'

Go home or go to jail: warning to immigrants divides coalition

Mon 29 Jul, AT 10:04 The Mole

Vince Cable attacks Home Office ploy as report shows immigration stats are 'little better than a best guess'

Tories and Labour neck and neck as UKIP vote evaporates

One-Minute Read Tue 16 Jul, AT 11:44

Good day for David Cameron as Conservatives draw level with Labour and support for UKIP plummets

C4 to broadcast Muslim prayer: provocation or publicity stunt?

Talking Point Tue 2 Jul, AT 14:32

Broadcaster says murder of drummer Lee Rigby informed decision to broadcast Islamic invocation

John Bercow: Migrants show more 'aptitude' to work than Britons

One-Minute Read Wed 5 Jun, AT 09:14

Speaker's neutrality under scrutiny after commenting on political hot potato of Eastern European immigration