UKIP: The First 100 Days
17 Feb, 2015

Fictional drama about Ukip rule prompts complaints of political bias, but critics say it lacks sophistication

Amjad Bashir
26 Jan, 2015

As Tories celebrate the defection of a Ukip MEP, Farage claims he had already been suspended

14 Jan, 2015

Hope for Hate says BNP and EDL are 'struggling' despite Rotherham scandal and rise of Islamic State

The Mole
16 Dec, 2014

How to beat Ukip? Candidates told to ‘move the conversation on’ if voters bring up immigration

Columnist Nigel Horne
15 Dec, 2014

Kerry Smith resigns after being caught ranting at ‘pooftahs’ and ‘peasants’ – but when will Farage go?

Columnist Nigel Horne
11 Dec, 2014

Bolter did not study PPE at Oxford as her CV claims: Hamilton pulls out after Ukip queries his expenses

Columnist Don Brind
09 Dec, 2014

Clegg’s MPs are not as popular as they think - study suggests fewer than 20 will survive election

The Mole
09 Dec, 2014

Disgraced former Tory MP seeks selection in South Basilton after Natasha Bolter quits Faragistes

02 Dec, 2014

Cartoon depicting Nigel Farage running down political rivals first appeared in the Daily Telegraph

Westminster Cathedral
27 Nov, 2014

An official Ukip tweeter had caught the BBC trying to skew its own poll. Or had it?