UN security council

Syrian rebels seize borders in latest blow for Assad

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Fri 20 Jul, AT 09:14

Border with Iraq and key Turkish frontier posts now in rebel hands, but China and Russia block progress at UN


Ill-judged doctors' strike will undermine public trust

Opinion digest
Thu 31 May, AT 11:45

Opinion digest: Doctors' strike, prosecuting war criminals, and religion in the US elections


Syria sits in a region in flames. Diplomacy is a must

Opinion digest
Tue 29 May, AT 11:29

Opinion digest: Syrian military intervention, the new energy bill and the Murdoch's power over Blair

Kim Jong-un

North Korea's failed rocket launch humiliates Kim Jong-un

First Reaction
Fri 13 Apr, AT 09:20

Damp squib provokes international condemnation and domestic embarrassment for young leader

Syria: how Russia and China got Obama off the hook

Thu 16 Feb, AT 07:53
Alexander Cockburn

The obituaries for Assad's regime are premature – after Libya, no one has the stomach to intervene

Syrian opposition flag

Divided Syria is still a long way from regime change

Talking Point
Wed 8 Feb, AT 11:35

Assad may be a monster and the bombing of Syrians a crime, but he still has allies, and his enemies are divided

Syria: China defends use of UN veto as '50 killed' in Homs

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Mon 6 Feb, AT 11:55

Beijing warns that enforcing regime change in Damascus would be "an error"

Should Palestine give up on the UN and go to court?

Talking Point
Thu 22 Sep, AT 16:42

If the US won’t support the Palestinian bid for statehood, what else might work?