12 Nov, 2012

Former imam to head Syria's government-in-waiting - but can he win over the rebels within Syria?

24 Oct, 2012

Rapper Psy hasn't topped the charts in Japan due to 'dispute over contested islands', claim South Koreans

Cameron at the UN
27 Sep, 2012

Prime Minister says inaction over Syrian bloodshed will leave ‘terrible stain’ on UN’s reputation

25 Sep, 2012

British PM will emulate his Tory rival Boris Johnson when he appears on the Late Show but is this wise?

31 Aug, 2012

Activists calling for end to 'dictatorship' aren't the first to use sex as a political weapon...

21 Aug, 2012

Controversial MP wades into diplomatic row as Correa tells UK not to violate embassy

10 Aug, 2012

But some say clean-up of deadly Vietnam War-era chemical is too little, too late

02 Aug, 2012

The PM and the Russian president have Syria and human rights to discuss, as well as judo chokeholds

27 Jul, 2012

Singer was on stage for only 45 minutes and spent 15 of them 'wittering on about politics and tolerance'

09 Jul, 2012

Opinion Digest: That book... and why Andy Murray's detractors should be ashamed of themselves