Cristina Kirchner de Fernandez
08 Feb, 2012

HMS Dauntless and Prince William pose a 'grave danger' - but Kirchner rules out military action

12 Dec, 2011

Climate talks finish as world agrees to legally binding emissions cuts - by 2020

02 Nov, 2011

Fallout from historic vote will cost Palestinian Authority millions in lost funds

Mahmoud Abbas Barack Obama
22 Sep, 2011

Obama isn’t just lettingdown the Palestinians – he’s risking a serioussplit with Saudi Arabia

Palestine UN statehood bid
15 Sep, 2011

Talking point: Does anyone think full recognition by the UN would bring benefits to Palestinians?

Amy Winehouse
14 Sep, 2011

From glamorising drugs to slackness over children’s rights, Britain has a record with the United Nations

Yves Cabannes of the UN at Dale Farm
14 Sep, 2011

Eviction plan for Monday is against international law, says UN representative on visit to Dale Farm

Col Muammar Gaddafi Libya
05 Sep, 2011

China admits that Libyans came shopping but says no arms were sold: paper trail tells another story

Ratko Mladic
04 Jul, 2011

Serbian general acts up after he fails to get the lawyer he wanted