Flags outside European Parliament
21 May, 2014

On the eve of the EU elections, economist Guido Cozzi lays out the rules for saving the eurozone

22 Jan, 2014

Sharpest fall in unemployment in 17 years is 'good for economy', but wages aren't keeping pace

23 Aug, 2013

Jean Rasbridge accuses agency of helping benefits claimants 'tick boxes' instead of finding work

03 Jun, 2013

More vacancies on offer in May than April and 17% more than a year earlier, according to the Reed Job Index

15 May, 2013

Labour claim: 'the figures speak for themselves'

17 Apr, 2013

Analysts say economic reality has caught up with the jobs market as wage growth stalls

03 Apr, 2013

Euro falls as predictions of recovery confounded by record joblessness in first two months of year

04 Jan, 2013

Is 'guaranteed' job scheme a raid on rich pensioners or an attack on the out-of-work?

28 Nov, 2012

OECD says British output will increase by 0.9 per cent in 2013, but unemployment will also rise

14 Nov, 2012

First arrests in Madrid as Spanish and Portuguese lead day of action against cuts and tax hikes