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Eurozone wants Greeks to work six days a week to pay debts

One-Minute Read
Wed 5 Sep, AT 12:05

Leaked email from EU and IMF outlines demands for Greek labour flexibility


Unemployment falls - but a third of jobless haven't worked in a year

One-Minute Read
Wed 16 May, AT 13:16

Youth unemployment and jobseekers allowance totals drop – but minister warns of 'international uncertainty'


UK set for 'dismal growth' as Item Club predicts 0.4% rate

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Mon 16 Apr, AT 10:38

Bank of England has done the right thing, but UK businesses are too risk-averse says report

Alexander Cockburn

Who are the real fascists: Marine Le Pen - or the United States?

Thu 3 May, AT 07:19
Alexander Cockburn

Americans worry about the rise of extremism in Europe, but they aren't overly concerned by their own 'proto-fascist' country

Richard Ehrman

Spain on the brink: time to agree the euro is deeply flawed

Fri 13 Apr, AT 07:58
Richard Ehrman

If Spain tips over the edge, even the eurozone's blinkered elite must see that change is needed


UK caught in downward spiral as unemployment rises

Talking Point
Wed 18 Jan, AT 15:23

Cameron could become third Tory PM in 30 years to preside over a nation of three million unemployed

UK jobless rate at 17-year high - but how is rest of world doing?

Wed 18 Jan, AT 13:54

More than 2.6 million people are unemployed - the highest level since 1994

Graduate suing over 'forced labour' needs a reality check

Talking Point
Fri 13 Jan, AT 12:27

Should she have been forced to give up voluntary museum role to stack shelves at Poundland?