05 Sep, 2012

Leaked email from EU and IMF outlines demands for Greek labour flexibility

16 May, 2012

Youth unemployment and jobseekers allowance totals drop – but minister warns of 'international uncertainty'

16 Apr, 2012

Bank of England has done the right thing, but UK businesses are too risk-averse says report

Alexander Cockburn
03 May, 2012

Americans worry about the rise of extremism in Europe, but they aren't overly concerned by their own 'proto-fascist' country

Richard Ehrman
13 Apr, 2012

If Spain tips over the edge, even the eurozone's blinkered elite must see that change is needed

18 Jan, 2012

Cameron could become third Tory PM in 30 years to preside over a nation of three million unemployed

18 Jan, 2012

More than 2.6 million people are unemployed - the highest level since 1994

13 Jan, 2012

Should she have been forced to give up voluntary museum role to stack shelves at Poundland?

25 Nov, 2011

This scheme is the Future Jobs Fund resurrected: scrapping minimum wage is a better solution

17 Nov, 2011

Austerity programme has failed young people - and competition from foreign workers doesn't help