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United Nations

US diplomat issues warning on 'dangerous' defence imbalance

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Tue 10 Mar, AT 13:11

Samantha Power urges Europe to increase military spending and provide more peacekeepers

Palestine: hour has arrived - to find a dynamic new leader

Tue 30 Sep, AT 18:57
Venetia Rainey

It's also time to reduce the role of the Middle East's chief mediator – the United States

Why is Libya being governed from a Greek car ferry?

Wed 10 Sep, AT 12:54

Libya's parliament has decamped to a ship in the country's east, while Islamist militants roam the capital of Tripoli

An Iranian missile on display during a military parade

Iran has eliminated enriched uranium stockpile, says UN

One-Minute Read
Mon 21 Jul, AT 12:30

Iran upholds part of international agreement, as nuclear talks extended until September

IPCC report: 'no one will be untouched by climate change'

Mon 31 Mar, AT 09:40

UN panel publishes most comprehensive climate change study yet, but will it prove controversial?

Quarter of men 'admit to rape' in parts of Asia, UN finds

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Wed 11 Sep, AT 11:32

Sexual entitlement, entertainment and punishment among reasons men gave in ‘shocking' survey

UN issues warning as North Korea readies two missiles

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Fri 5 Apr, AT 11:29

Ban Ki-moon condemns Pyongyang's threats, but will they allow US to forge closer links with China?

N Korea is prime suspect as cyber-attack cripples South

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Wed 20 Mar, AT 11:15

Suspicion falls on Pyongyang as computer networks are hit at banks and TV stations

Lord Neuberger slams 'slanted' portrayal of human rights

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Tue 5 Mar, AT 09:51

Britain's top judge warns UK will have to quit UN if it wants to send terrorism suspects to face torture