Yves Cabannes of the UN at Dale Farm

UN accuses UK of human rights abuses at Dale Farm

News Wed 14 Sep, AT 16:22

Eviction plan for Monday is against international law, says UN representative on visit to Dale Farm

Col Muammar Gaddafi Libya

Was China selling arms to Gaddafi only weeks ago?

News Mon 5 Sep, AT 15:43

China admits that Libyans came shopping but says no arms were sold: paper trail tells another story

Ratko Mladic

Ratko Mladic ejected from UN war crimes court

Mon 4 Jul, AT 15:59 Venetia Rainey

Serbian general acts up after he fails to get the lawyer he wanted

Libya Guns

From Iraq to Libya: a history of no-fly zones

News Tue 8 Mar, AT 18:05

The West has the might, but does it have the will to implement a third no-fly zone in two decades?

muammar gaddafi robert mugabe

Could Robert Mugabe be Col Gaddafi’s last hope?

Mon 28 Feb, AT 16:26 Venetia Rainey

And if Zimbabwe’s troops troops can’t save him, he can always retire to dictator-friendly Harare

‘Ambassador to the aliens’ denies reports

News Mon 27 Sep, AT 11:34

Astrophysicist shrugs off rumours about job